Toberua – Paradise in Fiji

BULA! 1o days of Paradise. An amazing, tranquil, relaxing time in Fiji on Toberua – a tiny island with so much to offer. We thoroughly enjoyed to relax, dive, experience a fantastic trip to a village to meet the locals, explore all creatures of the island, catch some big fish, read, chill, snorkel, eat some […]

Toothless – a new family member

I have to admit, when I saw Toothless the first time I was a bit scared, whiles the rest of the family was all excited about him.  Toothless is about 40cm long!  He came as an addition to the house and lives in a spacious atrium.  He is a very friendly little guy and loves to […]

The tropical city up North – Darwin 🐊

Another great experience in OZ! It is different, it is exciting, it is tropical and it is also dangerous.  You better not swim in the ocean nor waterholes.  The croc population in that area is above 200.000, whilst Darwin counts about 120.000 people. Re crocs we had the “real” experience.  We visited the Litchfield National Park, […]

Winning smiles :)

A fun session with these three siblings. It was chilly outside, but that didn’t bother these kids to give me their fantastic smiles. Es hat viel Spass gemacht mit diesen drei Geschwistern. Die kalten Temperaturen haben diese drei Kids nicht davon abgehalten mir ihr schönstes Lächeln zu zeigen.  

Melbourne’s amazing laneways

Streetart at its best! It is colourful, it is vibrant and it is legal. I could have spend more hours in the laneways to capture all this impressive art and the other bits and bobs. Strassenkunst vom Feinsten! Farbenfroh, lebhaft und das Beste: Es ist legal. Ich hätte noch etliche Stunden mehr in den Laneways von Melbourne verbringen können, um […]